Focusing on the best products

We are constantly working with our suppliers to bring the best possible products to you as soon as they’re released. With our Husqvarna Trimmer range, we know they are constantly innovating and looking to reduce weight and increase efficiency. All our product both domestic and professional are reliable and easy to handle.

115iL Trimmer Unit only

Our Most Efficient Cut Yet

From professional landscaping to domestic lawn trimming our trimmers offer exceptional efficiency of cut and of fuel economy. The professional trimmer range features Huqvarna’s larger cutting area which is almost 31% larger than most machines while our domestic range is now lighter and easier to handle than ever before.

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Lower Emissions

Everything about the Husqvarna X-Torq® Engine screams efficience. From it’s increased power and motor acceleration to its reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. Looking towards the net zero future and a low emission economy, we are investing in better technology every day.


From the gentle slopes of your average Scottish garden lawn to the more difficult landscapes faced by professionals every day, our trimmers are versatile enough to handle the challenge. The ever decreasing weight of the Husqvarna trimmers, combined with the high-angled offset post in our pro range, gives an incredible range of movement to our users.


With the X-Torq® delivering up to 20% better fuel efficiency our trimmers are offering more and more every year. Our domestic range features our Husqvarna’s Smart Start technology to maximise momentum in every piston, helping deliver that efficient and easy start. The low vibration technology and dampeners make using our trimmers a much friendlier experience. Requiring less effort and making every use more comfortable.

Our Favourites

  • 522 HDR75X Hedge Trimmer Coarse Cut 75cm
    Hedge Trimmers

    522 HDR75X Hedge Trimmer Coarse Cut 75cm

    A 21.7cc, double-sided hedge trimmer with a 75 cm cutter bar and high torque gear for tougher cuts. The multi-position handle and impressively low weight combined with the slim, balanced design and low vibration levels provide excellent handling, while the high capacity, high-speed professional knife blades, open blade guard and impressive power output allows for excellent cutting performance.

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  • Sale! 325 HE4 Pole Hedge Trimmer Adjustable head
    Hedge Trimmers

    325 HE4 Pole Hedge Trimmer Adjustable head

    A very flexible, professional pole hedge trimmer with an adjustable cutter bar and extra long pole. The engine serves as a counterweight and makes the machine exceptionally well-balanced and comfortable to use. Especially when cutting taller hedges, without having to use a ladder or cherry picker. Intuitive controls for easy starting. 325HE4 is powered by our X-TORQ® engine which reduces exhaust emissions compared to previous model.

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  • 520i HE3 Pole Hedge Trimmer

    520i HE3 Pole Hedge Trimmer

    The Husqvarna 520iHE3 battery pole hedge trimmer combines petrol performance with zero emissions and extremely quiet operation. With up to 3.5m reach, high cutting speed and Husqvarna durability, it gives pro-level productivity and results – but is quiet and clean enough for use even in residential areas, hotels, hospitals and other noise-sensitive environments. Remote control angle adjustment and comfortable handles make the 520iHE3 ideal for any operation. Compatible with all Husqvarna BLi-batteries and chargers.

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