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Potentially Spring is just around the corner, well so we wish to think! Hopefully the storms of last week will be the beginning of the end and winter will turn a distant memory where we can look out the garden tools and get ready for a busy season ahead.

One of the first tools that should be looked out of the garden shed should be the lawn Scarafier. With so many manufacturers offering Scarafier’s you may ask what is the difference between them all, surely they cannot all be the same? For ourselves we have 3 brand options that is Husqvarna, Stihl and Eliet which covers the domestic through to the Professional markets.

Husqvarna currently only have one offering which is the S138i model which is battery powered! Its aimed at the domestic market who may already own battery powered products from Husqvarna and is very simple to plug & play with there 1 battery fits all approach. The main feature of this particular model is the dual function of using the moss rake attachment or the spring tine attachment which can be easily exchanged. The handles fold up to create a very small footprint and can be easily stored when in not in use. Machine only starts from £299.00.

Stihl this year has two offerings which are the RL540 model and the RLA240 model which again is battery! Similar to the Husqvarna machine it is a simple plug play machine with simple adjustments for height. The negative of this particular model the RLA240 is that you must have the AK range of battery powered products to use this model or you will have to purchase a battery with the Scarafier. The RL540 petrol model which has been very popular over the years with great feedback has an easy to start Kohler engine, 38cm working width, with a maximum working depth of 25mm when new which can be adjusted by the twist control knob through 6 different settings. An optional collector bag can also be purchased if required but from our experience this bag fills very quickly in most North East lawns! Prices start from £499.99 Incl. VAT

Finally Eliet which has the largest selection of Scarafier’s but i will only select the most popular ones. The entry level E401 model has 3 engine options but the most common would be the Honda GP160 this comes with Fixed blades similar to the Stihl model but instead of 7 blades it comes standard with 14 blades at 2.5mm thickness. The working width is 40cm and comes as standard with a collection box. Prices start from £1,100.00 Incl. VAT. The next most popular would be the E501 model again this has engine options but most popular is the Honda GP200 with a fixed blade system similar to the E401. There is 18 fixed blades but now 3mm thick blades with a working width of 50cm, the height adjuster is infinite so you can precisely scarify your lawn. There is no collection bag option with this machine. Prices start from £1,799.00 Incl. VAT. The new kid to the block is the C550ZR which is very unique in the way that it deals with the debris. This Scarafier is self propelled with a working width of 55cm consisting of 33 blades and the most unique feature is the collection auger at the rear where it will discharge to one side and when on the return pass it will all be in a row for easy collection. Propulsion is done by a rear roller and the engine power unit is a reliable Honda GX200. Prices for this new model would be £3,200.00 Incl. VAT.

If purchasing isn’t an option we always do hire!