Husqvarna 450X Automower

Top of the range model in the X-line series from the world leaders in robotic mowing. Smart enough to negotiate the challenges of large and complex lawns – like multiple narrow passages, obstacles, tough terrain and slopes up to 45%. GPS-assisted navigation and a host of features including Automower® Connect make it the intelligent way to keep your lawn green, healthy and perfectly mowed. Remote Object Detection enables higher mowing speed and area capacity. The Automower® Connect app keeps you in control: track, interact and stay updated at the touch of a screen, wherever you are in the world. Multiple mowers can be linked together to mainatin very large areas extending to several acres.


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2 in stock

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Husqvarna 450X Automower model is top of the range in the X-line series from the world leaders in robotic mowing.  In other words this model has everything you could need!

There is very few limitations with Husqvarna Automower®.

In conclusion if you are looking to maintain 100Sqm or 10 Acres we have the options!

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