CT Quick Right Ascender Lobster

nnovative lift handle with integrated pulley, usable in the following areas:

  • Speleology – Used in combination with a ventral blocker it allows the ascent of the rope with MAO technique.
  • Rope work – Used in combination with a self-braking descender it allows the ascent of the working rope.
  • Ideal for nailing and clearing cliffs


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Main features:

  • Ergonomic overmolded handle, for greater effectiveness of use in traction and greater wear resistance
  • Cam opening lever that can be used with one hand and cam release system that is activated with a single downward movement (patented)
  • Steel blocking cam, produced with technology that implements its wear resistance.
  • Equipped with teeth that preserve the wear of the rope, but is equally effective in locking and climbing on it.
  • It also has three quarries to prevent the accumulation of mud and reduce the effort required to slide the device up on the rope in any condition (muddy rope, frost etc.)
  • Equipped with two hooking holes for various uses, an anti-tipping system of the cam and a secondary hole for connecting a quick mesh for the bracket.


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