EL35 CNB Diamond Blades

Specialist blades for the Husqvarna Cut’n’Break concrete saw reaching depths of 400mm. Ideal for soft to medium concrete.


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EL35 CnB is a general purpose blade for Husqvarna K760 or K770 C’n’B

Husqvarna EL35 CNB Cut-n-Break Diamond Blades (Pair)

Husqvarna EL35 CNB diamond blades designed specifically for use with the Husqvarna K760 revolutionary petrol Cut-n-Break power cutter.

Supplied as a pair, the EL35 CNB is primarily designed for the cutting of soft to medium concrete whilst occasionally cuttng both hard concrete and abrasive building blocks and bricks.

These diamond blades are of excellent quality, Husqvarna are a world leading supplier of diamond blade saws and diamond blades.

9″/230mm diameter.


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